Documentation bug in ovm for Exadata

Documentation bug in ovm for Exadata

A while ago a customer gave me a heads up about the “bug” concerning the default passwords for root and celladmin. I was thinking a bit further and I wondered if the “documentation bug” I found while adding a new OVM in the virtualised exadata is solved. The official documentation can be found here .


Then “Managing Oracle VM Domains on Oracle Exadata Database Machine” and then “Creating Oracle RAC VM Clusters” brings you to the point I want to warn you for.

All steps are correct, but the last one “Run all steps except for the Configure Cell Alerting step using the XML file for the new cluster. For most installations, the Configure Cell Alerting step is step 7. For example, to execute step 1, run the following command” might be a bit tricky. Why? I will show you.

When deploying the exadata, if you list the steps you will get this output:

But if you take the newly created xml for the new cluster:

Do you spot the difference? I don’t.
I just want to say … If you create a new cluster, be careful with “Create Cell Disks”. I should recheck the logfiles, but the time I checked it lately, it was performing a drop of the celldisk before recreating it. So you can imagine what will happen to your other virtual machines. If you have an exadata on which I can try it, please let me know. I’m happy to check it out further 🙂

2 thoughts on “Documentation bug in ovm for Exadata

  1. Hi Vanpupi,

    I’m currently facing the scenario you are describing in this post; working on an X-6 exadata. It already has several virtual clusters; now I need to add a new cluster, but not sure which steps to run. Did you get the chance to investigate this any further?


    1. Hi Javier,
      I don’t have an x6 to play with currently, but if you send me an email or direct message on Twitter, i can help you out. Basicly the thing you need to know is which steps are going to be taken. Which oeda version are you using?

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